Zapya File Sender

Often the data you send, so that interruption only if you let a Smartphone user (IOS, Android, Windows phone), the first time a Bluetooth to send data to the Internet and network that is active in Indonesia is quite insufficient to see made. The Internet is a network, a lot of money sending large documents even tranche. Irritating!
In addition to using Bluetooth, the music, videos, or their friends such as Smartphone user data photos difficulties usually found in the network send to the Internet. Incidentally there are no Wi-Fi networks around us, most beloved images you want to use to send mobile data quota. So, what is the alternative to send data?

To resolve this problem, the key lies in Zapya. 100 meters of the scale, just imagine, without Internet or WLAN networks certainly send any kind of data 128 times a transfer rate, and the size of a problem with Bluetooth if at all. Then, in addition to Zapya PC. You can also back up your data to a USB data cable can send using. Does it work? In addition, Indonesian language Zapya, LOH! Smartphone ‘ ers very practical, so that the quality of English users, the Internet is not good for the people Zapya. This application is free, and you guys can be downloaded Google play
And easy-to-use as a tutorial for Android. First of all, the application Zapya.

Since then, the group already has to be able to jump start. Layout button in the lower right. After you click Start, and then went down to the demonstration. When you start a group, you hotspot is out, you can Join your friends directly through the search and find your friends After. (maximum of 5 persons. Cannot merge group.) You can start the body data to share! It’s very easy to find?

Is this file that you can share content with friends. Zapya folder. For all the music, photos, videos, and when you’re a social media game starting from likes to wait to send the data available? To say that they don’t need to wait for the new Internet, Internet data submission. And always, always, everywhere, I share every moment of the day you Zapya be able to invite you to download.