Whistle Selfi Camera

More selfies, camera and your incredibly unbelievable CT for example, use gloves for driving, which is available from only one hand us a camera application.

Take a picture, you’re an icon, you as the size of the camera as well as normal Android application can use. However, and he recognizes the CT camera and film that immediately selphi Wispering to capture the biggest draw.

In the settings menu, “CT settings” you can adjust the sensitivity of the application. You choose the directory where you saved the images and select the image of the photo. Flash, timer, and zoom control button on the main menu, you can switch to the ends of the front and back of the camera are allowed to.

Waiting for CT.

The app is a timer function on your home screen and immediately recognizes it as a firing trigger Wispering to move images on the screen of the device’s allows you to worry about.

In the event you are using a hand or in the afternoon, for example, is very useful in case the gloves. In addition, it set the sensitivity in the menu settings, it’s easy to level.


During our test camera despite the positive potential of admiration, whistle and proved to be incredibly volatile and more. You apply the camera button to switch to the use of often to make it crash and recognized CT (even by adjusting the sensitivity) a difficult choice.

A Galaxy s 3-analysis of problems, however, can be used in its original equipment. So, other gadgets, Whistle-and incredibly likely to work quite camera
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