Voice Changer

This easy to use application apply to your voice with strange effects!
As if talking to a robot in a cave, a woman’s voice, the sound of a repatriation or return howl and slow sound for your friend’s pay. Coming soon to choose for more than 12 effects! It you have any sound/ Song/ Built-in microphone on your phone voice changer is simple to record music using odd effects for you to apply.

-Professional translations in many languages.
-12 audio effects to choose from.
-Save your favorite recordings.
-Set up your phone ringtone of your saved recordings.
-Share your recordings with friends.
-A regular voice recorder can be used as an application.

People where to save the recordings have been asking me. At the top of the screen to the right of the main screen voice changer, a simple disk “click the button!

Keywords: voice changer, voice recorder, voice