Video Size Reducer

Some for those who wish to upload videos, but very large files, video kampras sil a quick solution. For starters, the interface is used in Portugal. The visuals are very simply designed and works in a simple way. Check the application to do a40% cut to the size of the videos.

An interesting thing is that, as a result of the use, the user can select the size in pixels of resolution. If you want, you can give this information to customize, choose a quality, Custom guide the outcome of conversion and the total size of the video.


The videos are saved in the application list on the home screen of the phone, and make a record with the camera or downloaded applications. You can select the items that the user can compress the video, fix and contract, game, player, MP3ekstrakrruceyyanum the audio, you can delete the share. Is limited to the stop, with the option to remove or keep the sound of the media.

720 p (480 p), 480 p, 240p, or the user can adjust most aspects of the user. Details pixels less than 1%, on the sides of the video to be displayed, with the final size of the file. To edit the item, you can determine the time and reduce the arambhattinreyum avasanattinreyum media snippets. To the right or to the left corner that did a rotation of 90 degrees.

social networking applications, you can share it with your friends by email or Messenger directly to the original size of the video. Version 4.0 is available in Android, is easy to use application. The last video is automatically saved to the phone. They are useful for blocking ads sthirikariccittuntenkilum interface. It tests the accident does not have any errors or media brands.