Vayanasala App

Vayanshala, they allow users to connect to even read in the age of the Internet blogs in the group. Users may comment on the application.
-Even when the user is away is to save the Blogs
-Very low power consumption data
-Read your Favorites, and then click
-Contact the bloggers directly from the application
Happy reading!!
English, written 34 deep story and humor, is a shame for the
1980-90s era readers who have lived in the village.
Several times the Humor Stories

1. ulpala Startup-a story about a local thief who planned to do the job. written in English,

2. Madakini-a college girl and young men who want to focus on. written in English,

3. Mukundenttananu player-after the shooting of the dream, he saw a young man in the Malayalam film industry.