True Balance

Check out all the awesome free app for the balance of the load with a hassle free option.
Tap the right balance, it offers a solution for you to manage your prepaid mobile state. Moreover, health check, which supports charging; Friends, buy new packets Call points!
● Enjoy the right balance in your own language!
Now, the correct balance, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and English, as well as incentives. We are planning to include more and more content in different Indian languages. There is a simple balance test application in your native language!

● Enjoy the most accurate data in the balance!
Now, the remaining balance is automatically considered to be in the right condition, a new system for tracking. Don’t check your status automatically. Experience the perfect balance of system management.

● all available payment options.
The right balance of cc Avenue and Indian merchants, online Payment Gateway provides the irresponsible believes 85%. Your credit/debit card or net banking, as well as the right to use the balance of the balance of mobile remote recharge points.

How to start (and accessibility settings)

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● Adjust the
-Check the rate package data call balance slicer validation.
-All your mobile balance refill package and place the measure.
-Single/Dual-SIM, the total remaining amount.
-The duration of the call for local and STD calls, L + balance STD call with the Pack.
-The rest of the G-2, G-3 packs with the database of the word.
-The notification bar-according to the first view using several options.

● State Of Alert
-The main balance, the data packet, calling the Pack, the cutter balance low rates and get the expiration warning.

● completely
-Automatically check the condition after each call to a local/STD calls.
-After each associated with automatic balance of data query.

● Monitoring data
-Keep track of your MB background steal apps.
-The use of Monitor data from behind or in front of, or on the way back to the application.

● Make and charging for free
-Get the invite friends and earn points.
-Offers a variety of prizes every day!
-Get free recharge points in your wallet.