Signs of a hacker attack

Hackers can exploit several vulnerabilities to a computer, in order to obtain confidential information, or control your computer for illegal activities.

Detect a Hacker attack is not easy (usually stealthy), however, there are some simple rules that may indicate that this is a malicious attempt.

How to detect Hackers

Signs of a hacker attack

1. Outbound traffic of your Internet, and as such I suspect.

If your computer is idle and high-activity note on outbound Internet traffic (if not uploading files), it is possible that your computer is compromised.

If necessary, use the free program MalwareBytes Anti Malware to verify that your computer is clean of viruses, trojans, etc.

For more details, see the following tutorial: how to eliminate viruses (with video lesson).

2. hard drive Activity (hard-drive) intense-If the hacker can gain control of your computer, it will try to search sensitive files (passwords, or other files of interest). This research increases the •hard disk activity, and makes your computer slower.

3. Your Personal Firewall begins to drop several packages from the same address.

4. Your antivirus starts to report Backdoors or trojans.

Important: If you gain access to your bank account through the computer, it is essential to “reinforce” the security of your computer.

Any error in PC security, you will be able to provide access from your bank account to Hackers.

Did you know: there are Hackers who work to ensure your safety? Meet the Hackers “Kind”

How to defend against Hackers?

In addition to an existing, up-to-date antivirus product, it is essential to have an active Firewall. Since Windows XP SP3 Windows now includes a Firewall, however, you can choose to install another Firewall on your computer.