Secret Video Recorder

Gave full details of its features above you covert video recorder now is one of the most interesting and intelligent, we think the secret spy video recorder shop and play and learn. He said that to identify and target wisely, she is looking to capture photos and videos without those who want to have a full plate.

Secret-Video-Recorder-178x300Application the first plus point is that its interface is really fluid. This is the only device « appears on the screen is in the hands of various buttons to get, you will notice that the application is running.

Of course, even then, that is not true in the dock to see, but you have to ensure that it is a quick easy to complete will need to run the application. In addition, whenever you want, you can turn off the preview of the movie.

Photos and videos made of very slick. You need all the power, configurable, and it is very useful. Application settings, and choose the screen brightness should be in place when working with covert video recorder.

You can select a destination folder content. You are avoiding the clutter, this is necessary because you have your device, which is actually a lot of files to desired folder might end up with.

You will be able to win, “timestamp” option does disable the camera sounds. It’s people who create, maintain perfect record because it puts the correct photo image is required for the time you want.