Search Everything

The default Windows search tool has always been accused of being slow, inaccurate and useless. This is why it could be a good idea to replace it with another local search engine.

Everything could be that replacement you’re looking for. This simple, fast tool indexes absolutely all the contents on your hard drive (hence its name) and puts them into an ever-growing database that you can search with keywords, like you use any regular search engine.

The program is incredibly fast in all aspects: installation, indexing of contents and display of results. Also, it doesn’t hog system resources like other similar apps do. Another difference between Everything and other local search tools is that Everything lets you set up an HTTP server that makes all indexed content available online.

On the one hand this is a handy feature because you can access your files remotely from other computers or share files with your friends: on the other hand it does raise some concerns about privacy, especially since there’s no way to filter which kind of content is indexed and which is not, neither is there a system for controlling who has access to the HTTP server.

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