Saudi eServices Mobile Application

A Saudi Arabia electronic services in the country, the Interior Ministry official use Absher. Absher, Arabic, English people in various areas of Ministry and stand, citizens and allows the use of the services.
We have sponsored and have their own personal safety, as well as to develop data on employment and their families, with standards for privacy and security to take into account the design and security of minutes should be able to. These electronic services, including:

1- View User Profile
2- Issue/Cancel Travel Permit
3- Issue/Cancel Final Exit Visa
4- Issue/Cancel Exit-Re-Entry Visa
5- Renew Driving License
6- Renew Vehicle Registration
7- Issue/Renew Iqama
8- View Travel Record
9- View Traffic Violation Details
10- Report Missing Document
11- Timeline (Personal calendar)
12- MOI Office Locations
13- Query Available Funds
14- Fingerprint Enrollment Status
15- Query Hajj Eligibility
16- Query ID Validity
17- Query Iqama Validity
18- Query Health Insurance
19- Query New Arrived Labors
20- Query Traffic Violations
21- Exit/Re-Entry Visa Status
22- Labor Re-Entry Status
23- Request postal delivery of documents
24- View and extend visitor visa
25- View and authorize Bayanati sectors
26- View MOI events
27- View MOI announements