Powerful Downloader

Powerful Downloader: Android
-At the same time to get the three files from the Internet;
-Multi-threading (9 parts) downloading, quick
-Link to Android browser on the Board of Directors;
-The failure to restart after the files are downloaded in the background;
-Images, documents, archives, and loader program;
-A lollipop and Marshmallow-SD card for downloading;
-Increase the speed of downloads of a smart algorithm;
-Wi-Fi Internet via download;
-2-ji, 3-ji and 4-ji network Downloader for promotion;
-Maximum speed is changing in real time;
-Video Downloader, music Downloader;
-Start download interrupted;
-Support for more than 2 gigabyte file;
-Download files parallel in line.

Advanced settings:
-Interface customizable content;
-Select the folder where you download the files;
-After finishing a variety of automated tasks;
Save the file to a different folder variety;
-To speed up the download to create a empty file;
-If the battery charge level is less than the autostop process;
-SD card and a list of links from a text file import;
-After the break in connection with autoresume errors;
-Planning the beginning of download at the right time;
-Download speed to Turbo mode;
-File size is a beautiful name;
-Download and backup of the settings list;
-For each type of connection profile;
-Schedule automatic operation;
-Support for a quick download autoadd.

Clean interface:
-Content and design lighting;
-Practices of the State through the filter;
-Menu is a quick left;
-Easy management of the context menu;
Order, download size by category;
-Meet your favorite applications through to open files;
-Information about how to download: speed, size and time;
-Pause, resume support, download resume;
-Sites to create a comprehensive profile;
-Fine tuning of each download;
-Widget on the home screen.

Extended notification:
-Progress in the notification panel with icon;
-To the top of all Windows progress bar are transparent;
-Sound and vibration notifications completed.

ADM’s built-in browser:
-Support for multiple tabs;
-Advanced Media Downloader;
-History, bookmark list;
-Easy to download the file sent;
-MP3 downloads and archives;
-Tube MP4 video embark on;
-Easily download all kinds of files;
-Download Accelerator social networking;
-“User-agent” to fake browser option.

Simple controls od download:
-Start/stop Stop the download process of the press;
-Download the file to open it, press the completion;
-Long press on download to display the context menu.