Photo to Sketch

An easy-to-use application to create a sketch of your photos to make you an artist. You take a photograph or sketch of your gallery to generate one of your camera can capture. Both black and white color sketch by clicking just one button easily, the result can be created. “Sketch”, “Slacker” and “hatch”: three styles are covered in the application. “Sketch” style is, that image edges and smooth curves is great for photos with produces accurate results. “Doodle” style is suitable for goods and ideas of nature, because it presents strong edges and curves. “Hatch”, generally on any type of photos would work, as it is a simple style that produces a cross-hatching textures on the pictures. Many photo frames also are involved in the application so that you can easily apply them to your sketch results.
Photo Editor also has created this application, which such drawing, saturation adjustment, filter effects, etc as your photos includes several useful and quick manipulations, within

To save images by a touch of a button can be done fast. Sharing pictures are also supported. Photos Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, messages, etc. can be shared by

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