Philm – video editor

As we all laughed. Right?? We often see Prasada some funny video, social and other places. But ever wonder how to make the video. Well, of course. It is very difficult to make such a video, we will need special education in the most misunderstood. But now the idea is wrong, they realize that. Special education programs or that it experiences. This also could not be created.

There are many applications that handle video editing, but it’s not necessarily the method to use for the user. Add option to set may lead to unnecessary confusion for months. So, today I’m here to tell you as a series of ‘ video editing application Philm video editor.

The video editor lets you edit video effect video philm Philm. This application is quite amazing. Although the application of this strange Prisma. In addition to the photos of the style of famous artists in this application allows you to download and play real time live video. Vincent van Gogh in the world through the eyes of Genius turns your surroundings, but in a comic book. If you have more than
Paste Motion-tracking, emoticons, your friends, your favorite pet, or add to exactly the text of an object moving in a video scene to express your enthusiasm.

Now, let’s see how it works, it does not.
This application does not have any special procedure
> All download and install the application first.
Open the application. > Now, shooting video, or select from the library. And if you want, you can cut the video. Then, you can change the effect on video and audio so that you can change.