PayTM Mobile App

paytmWhen it comes to technology, applications and contribute to the ‘ Paytm ‘ why is this modern world, we will depend on the mobile phone retailer. This application helps you save time and money. As we know, the ‘ applications ‘ trade platform Paytm is the largest in the country. Even if some of us do not know about the application. So, I will introduce you with the applications on . This application features, and as such, such as recharge your mobile, DTH recharge, Datacard and recharge, land line bill payment, and online shopping. This application will now be familiar with.

First of all download and install the application.

More money to open application > and click ‘ Download. After that, they will be asked to register or login. If you are an existing user, click on the button ‘ register ‘.

> From now, you will be asked for CMT, mobile phone number and email. And then create a password that is a valid details. And then click register. This method or login via Facebook or Google account Plus and can create Paytm or.

> Now receive a verification message. Enter the code of the specific region.

> Now you made.

With this application, there are a number of establishments, the main ones are as follows

You can add a credit card or card payment through internet banking or cash in your wallet. If you have the money to spend it in your wallet. This money can be used to recharge mobile postpaid billing, etc.

I would be the more profitable transactions, and transactions directly with the seller through the powerful Paytm, argues that for you. Due to the Special promo code Paytm and promised to return the money, some of the transactions.

I can tell you instantly load any mobile phone on any of the network providers. In addition, you can send money from your purse, in your wallet or your friends.