By Mobizen connectivity to laptop computers to another may be three separate ways: a USB cable (most fast and stable) via a Wi-Fi network, or 3-ji, data network (in this case 4 to-ji, it is suggested to use the connection bandwidth and speed drop is used to avoid it).

How you learned this in the next issue-synchronizing equipment, it can see what your Smartphone or tablet with keyboard being displayed, it will interact with computer mouse is possible. Mobizen promises additional equipment is still one of the best experience of the conversation.

In addition to these features, capture screenshots, you can use virtual brushes make the picture, video recording. In the end, it still offers Mobizen files, photos, videos, music, or Android content from your PC any other type of transaction, you send function enabling and vice versa.

How to connect to the device

Before we explain and can apply processes that enable USB debugging mode on your portable electronics is important. You don’t know how to proceed, a tutorial to check out click here to complete the process. If so, follow the steps below:

Install applications on Android Mobizen;
Mobile application service of the register;
Via the USB cable to connect your portable electronics and computers (first step essential to the relationship between these tools, but you have WiFi or 4-ji and 3-ji network and choose to synchronize the data are through);
Download and install the Windows version Mobizen;
To use the program installed on the PC.
Just giving you full details of functionalities of Mobizen more, you know, now it seems that,
Your way to interact with Android are looking for files on your computer with some of the activities or laptop, Smartphone or Tablet transfer will need to register, it is worth being Mobizen is offered.