Me and threatened my family..

President, Erdogan said, “they are at the head of the Turkey’s karalandığını zat, supposedly a newspaper article on America. Article click the text called Turkey from beginning to end to defamation, libel is a betrayal of the document based on the Turkey. What’s that, Sir? Democracy in Turkey and human rights have been shelved, “he said. virtual-dj MY FAMILY STARTED MAKE THREATS “You know this bloody gang, police and judicial Negligence in Syria in Adana, tongs in the humanitarian aid they had raided a truck of MİT. Purposes, Turkey is a country that moves with the terrorists was to show, such as the “he said, continued his speech:” They couldn’t find the new girl and stayed in their craw. You come on Kshatriya shame, we got that, you have no fear of God? Now personally, I started my family threat. The recent development that they think that it is ‘ if we make these threats that they give themselves up a little bit. ‘ Look, I am speaking now from Bursa, I say; Our Lord has given us this, can’t afford to get anyone else to Bethink. This is the case for myself, for my children is like that. Did you listen to, you did, you did everything to 13 years, 12 years. This is crap. All of this turns out to be even more output occurs and. They dumped all of them, whatever may be the outskirts will be shed. It’s not finished yet. This is the greatest dexterity. his own country, your own nation to nourish antagonism in this degree, that this degree of enmity, how a gang trying to harm these degrees right, law, democracy, human rights and talk about? Think About It. ” download