Malware Scanner

Heuristics, and three proprietary technologies,-automatically and is your online experience with malware that antivirus products can’t find guard. Real-time protection detects and shields against most dangerous forms of malware.

Easy breathing. Automatic scanning works for you, so you are getting infected do not need to worry about. Is your computer and your data safe.

Malware block malicious websites
Bad, bad websites

Block malicious websites

Fake websites or malicious website blocking legitimate websites that have been compromised by malware. Hacking and phishing attempts are stopped in their tracks.

Stolen credit card information or identity theft there is no need to worry about. You see those pussy videos without the chance of being infected can go back to.

Malware scan to remove sharply malware
Like Flash

Faster scan

Lightning-fast scan target hyper mode only threats that are currently active. Fast analysis. Still gets results.

When you boot your favorite PC game run a scan in the background. It’s time you are ready to play by.

Malwarebytes anti-malware hides malware
Looking for hide and no

Hides malware

Chameleon technology to modify or disable malware Malwarebytes anti-malware against an effort to preserve the premium.

Premium remains at work. Malware is fooled.

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