someone sends you try to unlock the phone using the wrong code. The photograph was taken with the camera also includes a stealth email on the front and a folder in the phone.
Photo proof of the loss or theft of the phone giving it a place of self-protection, a thief, police said. Find out if your partner or colleague’s work, what you are trying to unlock the phone when you are not around.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★-absolutely terrific, and my wife enjoyed it and install this application, left a cell phone in the store. The police were able to find a phone and we got him to recover the three high-quality mugshots of the thieves. Is very good, you upgrade to a premium too.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★-perfect stole my phone, I was out when this will help the police investigation closely. I have the best pictures of the person who stole it 3.


When the application is not a valid code for unlock:

• Take a picture of the intruder by using the front camera and stealth.

• GPS, will determine the position of the phone using Wi-Fi.

• Send a photo and a map that shows the location of the e-mail address.

• Completely silent and invisible. No warnings are shown in red.

• There is no need to lock the screen with a third person. We must use the lock screen is built for Android.

• “pattern, PIN or password for screen lock works. A fingerprint to unlock the feature, yet supported on all devices.

• There is no Discharge of the battery. The application will only run on the wrong lock.