ISM Malayalam Typing Software

A portable release of the esteemed Rapid Typing Tutor, this program marks the latest in typing software. Learning how to type with Rapid Typing Tutor is both a pleasurable and productive experience. The portable release means that it does not need to be installed on your computer and it can run straight off a USB flash drive or any other kind of.

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Download Install ISM Free Typing in Malayalam Hindi Indian Languages (Updated)
7 Arun Monday, June 6, 2016

Download Malayalam Typing Software for Windows for Free ISM Malayalam Download Hassle Free Installation and Typing
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Previously we have said about typing Indian languages very easily in Word/Blog Posts/ Photoshop etc using Google IME Tools. Now there is another way to type Indian languages like Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil using native keyboard. In this method each key in the keyboard has been assigned to various letters in Indian languages. Here we are mainly discussing about typing Malayalam language using ISM. ISM Tools are still using in various institutions around Kerala to type Malayalam. But it is little bit difficult to install it on Windows and we have to learn the layout of the keys. In my opinion typing Indian languages including Malayalam Google IME is better option.

Since the steps to install ISM is little bit tricky many of you may not be able to install it, or may not be able to use it after installation. That is why I am creating a Tutorial on How to install ISM Malayalam in your windows PC.
Download ISM Malayalam
The ISM software is little bit difficult to find on Internet so I have personally uploaded it and the link has been share below.