ISL Live

The coverage is too wide. You can follow matches of the Campeonato Brasileiro and state tournaments, in addition to the Copa Sudamericana and the Libertadores. And, of course, not forgetting the clashes of the Brazilian team.

The application also offers the possibility to you to set up and receive notifications whenever your team of the heart make a goal. By the time of our testing, we found 28 times in total, covering a large part of the national clubs of the first and second division.

The only downside, however, is that there is a table for you to monitor the placement of each of the teams in the leagues. To accomplish this, you must go to the internet to check on some website or follow the live coverage on television.

However, this does not take the practicality of the application. With a clean and simple layout, it facilitates the navigation of the fans with summary information on the screen, allowing you to have a general notion and quick of all the Championships. IE: If the ball hit the crossbar with no one to meet, you know with this application almost in the same moment of the play.