Hide Whatsapp Medias

Respect for the video, and is the top-level applications based on messages, including the sending of voice notes, music and photos. There are several types of files, private chats with respect to different groups with, and we don’t want to see us family members, friends, family, and the solution is, therefore, to have a glimpse of the pictures and videos that you want. Usually, the people, to eliminate this risk and take pictures of all the tools to save your friends to send you pictures to reference the respect of unpleasant images, video, videos, and music can be downloaded to Hide the application. There are 1 million downloads of applications available, and you can view a list of current user reviews to ensure the protection and security of the individual messages in the media, as part of the WA media app Hider. For more information about the application, you can click on the URL link that you mentioned.

How is the application?
WA Hider user applications like media, screenshots, video, and audio chat applications help you to store and hide images. The impression of a lock can be seen in the following simple steps to ensure that the application be reinstated or not unhide the media choose to Hide media, security and respect. Media served to cover to 100% secure, and no one can see it without your permission. Just add the files to the application, and apply it to the desired application and save the option to lock in the other section allows you to keep the image. As, sound, video, unlimited hosting application. In case you do not want to share with your friends, save the file in the application, you can skip the option to unhide it, or you can select the option to send it to the library to Hide from the social media platform. In addition to all the exciting features, hidden with the barge did not have one of the best options available for the respect and protection of the media and the WA applications Hider.

The application features

• No restrictions or a busy emergency steps to simplify or process, which must be followed. You can hide the media is just one click app will automatically select all the files that you want, and the library.
• You can also select different files to media, images, video, and other files to a different location option on the bottom, you can choose to own them. Indeed, without spend much time to search files with different names will help you categorize them.
• To ensure security, logging, history of mark can be accessed from the access to all these efforts. These features help you to know the details of who tried to log on to any of your personal files.
• be available to check out the galleries have chosen to hide all files with the application.
• You can set your password model, as well as the option of locking PIN available