Hidden Eye

Were you ever in your unwanted tried and wanted to get the phone. Your friends, family members, tried to unlock the phone. Hidden eye in the photo no frills, they are trying to unlock the phone with a simple application. This is when a user to unlock your phone without your knowledge to your ringtones will be able to play.
How I can cancel it before, as they are users who install it and don’t remember the command to write it can read a number of the. Only these users,

How to uninstall?
You are the first caller from Admin HiddenEye. Device settings in the installation of Android system location and security administrators can be found > device administrators

> Location security-> device settings you “HiddenEye” that you want to uninstall the selected administrator to change.

Now, you be able to uninstall the application. You open up Google to launch HiddenEye to play, you have to open the button and cancel. You are active, the administrator access “button, you will see a disabled”

* Enable a screen lock on my phone.
* To start the application “HiddenEye”
* Set the security situation.
* Hidden valve tool to activate the Administrator’s eye. Now you are ready for operation.

Dropbox sync with
All images “HiddenEye DCIM folder on your phone” are captured within the folder. Dropbox sync with your photo folder, and then sync your dropbox account picture Hiddeneye is configured for.

Elvis was as if characters minimum 4 digits, and so only HiddenEye Android detects unsuccessful attempts

This application may not work on all devices, it only if it works on your device should be tested to see. It does not work, email me with your device. Nexus takes pictures of equipment

You can access any of this discussion, I will comment on some of the edges of the issues. Your problems before you comment on “support@midasensemble.com” to email.

Dogs that do not have their phone on the front camera. Now, you try to HiddenEye your phone spy can learn with. If any of you using an incorrect password twice to unlock your phones are trying to sound too can be started. You have a place holder image rather than an actual image. You have a front facing camera, and you’ll see the real picture of an intruder.

Once you unlock your phone, you can unlock your phone for your absence to try will be shown pictures of people doing. I think it’s great! Try it and if you have any suggestions to improve it, let us know.

bar in front of the camera uses a camera.
Entered wrong password = vibration alert notification has been created.
Display ads on the Internet, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE = app.
To store, sync, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, dropbox, it is available to, and images captured by the phone.
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