Full HD Lock Screen for Android

This application provides a feature
• We can use a video as wallpaper on the lock screen, the video is played automatically without pressing any buttons.
• Key quality HD, has no pixilation and play the video on the screen.
• There are a number of videos to be downloaded, the application can be used as a screensaver. Group of video has been loaded correctly, we want to simply move to parts of the video, it is easy to find. This is not something that Apple provides.
• This application allows us to create our own video to be used as wallpaper, it is easy to use, you can use the videos to the device or the second option is to use the videos you know what the record was.
• We are applications that let us share the videos that you want to use as a screensaver.
How it works?
• This application is very simple workers. What we need to download all the applications, select a video, we want to use.
• When the video screen is touched or when lock is selected, the video series will take place automatically.
• Press the key to unlock the screen, Ta, or as witness or the equipment to play magic Live Wallpaper.
• Active applications with a great speed, it also helps in keeping the memories of the new application does not cause the operating system to hang.
Or is the application available for download in Play Store and it was 400 have been installed by thousands of people who use Google’s applications and do not require high configuration. This is only 4.4 4.4 on the Android Android is asked to do anything. Moreover, the application is available to download for free. Is there! You can start using the applications that touch of a button, the application is available free of charge. It kept the memories alive, you have a fairly simple and easy as you wake up your phone. They occupy a lot of storage, so the application must be installed on it. Grab your phone and download the app right now.