File Organizer

A redirect is a task saved to your device that tells the app how your phone and PC should be organised, by ‘running’ a redirect the app will organize your devices however you have decided.

Only the paid version of the app supports redirecting to your computer.

*You can:*

➜ Sync folders and files between your phone and computer.

➜ Organize your computer.

➜ Move your Video files to one folder.

➜ Move your gifs to one place.

➜ Consolidate your music.

➜ Automatically manage files from your Internal Storage.

➜ Easily backup files.

➜ Keep your work documents organised.


– Support for Android 4.0+

– Undo your organisation.

– Extremely low footprint.

– Ability to edit Redirects.

– Backup and restore your redirects.

– Temporarily disable your redirects.

– Create custom Redirects!

– Tasker Support

The program is divided into three main areas quite useful: one that lets you run the redirects, one that allows retraces redirects and another that allows you to create new redirects. Thus, it is extremely practical to work with the program.