Duplicate Photos Fixer

After the smartphone, it is normal that the double image. Sometimes, these shots are clicked by mistake, the other by capturing the best. Or cases, these images can not be used for the maintenance of the space for other data, a lot of speed.

Remove the power supplies similar images manually, it is a tedious job. It is time and energy consumption. This process can be shortened to remove the picture and immediately deleted the duplicate photo.

Photos of Fixer Pro searches for similar images, and remove duplicate pictures double in no time. The removal of these advanced features make it the best duplicate photo Duplicate Annihilator.

Smart Duplicate Photo Finder

Pictures of a quick scan using these methods are:

⚬ pictures camera: this feature will search for similar images in the folder the photos to scan through. Therefore, only a clean copy of the photos taken the photos folder in the Finder, go to the section that you want to the image with the camera.

Full scan ⚬: fully scan all duplicate images on your phone, and even find hidden folders on an external line for storage. These tools can help to recover an abundance of space.

⚬ and choose a map that gives you control of any specific folder, find duplicate photos of that object. Photos, Facebook pictures, there might be a duplicate of the same pictures and easy to follow by using this application folder, and delete it.

The Appropriate Level:

The relevant criteria are simply put this duplicate files Finder. High and low for the three levels, are fixed. These levels are set by you and search for duplicates of the pictures in the same priority.