Digital Locker for your Documents

Digital lockers, in case of any emergency home application list, it may be a moment’s notice, you use and where it’s a list of all your personal property is stored in coffee. We help you to save it. You know, for free as a result of hard work.

Fully digital locker, the better your home of the list from top to bottom is designed for!

How you can manage your house list:
• Personal property and details of the claim as a reference
• Room, class, date of purchase, price, or to sort through and organize your personal property in alphabetical order to
• New photos from your locker or your item photos add
• Sync your data in the cloud on your mobile device, your home on the Web will be saved in the list are available

Allstate Home Manager tool a list of your personal property and need to make more extensive list. The devastation that you own all the contacts to use information relevant to a wide view your agent will be able to store the list.

Now, Digital Locker  will be synced to your home website clouds to keep the list and be able to use your safe keeping Emergency, blowing up your valuable personal property list, debris, no need to worry about. List your home is always accessible from any computer or smart phone. Peace of mind at your fingertips.

Homeowners, we have built with you in mind, this home inventory application, Allstate is here lush neighbors. Even if you are not a policy with  Digital Locker, you make sure you’ll understand why are in the Allstate good hands.
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