Browser Care

Auslogics Browser Care is more a solution developed by Auslogics which aims to make your experience in front of the computer even more enjoyable. This tool provides mechanisms for you to have full control of the browsers installed on your PC in a simple and objective.

Among the features offered, you will find the possibility to set the home page (a specific URL, the default browser screen or a blank page) and choose the search engine used in searches (Google, Bing or Yahoo!

In addition, you preview all add-ons that are installed on each of the browsers, and can disable them and even delete them without having to open the browser. Finally, Auslogics Browser Care offers a function for cleaning disposable data held by these programs — including cookies, cache, history and personal information saved.

Is valid to point out that, for the time being, Auslogics Browser Care is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. With this application on your computer, you’ll say goodbye to those annoying toolbars in the blink of an eye.

browser care

Our opinion
Our opinion Above you gave a complete description about the Care and its functionality Browser Auslogics, know now what we think of him
Auslogics Browser Care is a very useful tool for any Internet user, but especially for those who share the computer with others or who often forget to uncheck the options toolbar installations offered by applications implemented on the PC.

Its interface has a modern look, quite attractive and with very nice animations. However, this is not his only positive point. She is also well-organized, separating the functions of each browser configuration identified in tabs for easy access.

With that, its interaction occurs so uncomplicated and that can be easily assimilated. In addition, all features offered (definition of home, choose default search engine and removing add-ons) proved very practical and functional.

The only negative observation that can make the Browser is your Care Auslogics compatibility only with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. These are the most commonly used browsers nowadays, but he could also support for other good browsers and that have a considerable number of supporters, like Opera and Safari.