Resulting in pressure on the eyes, BLUELIGHT from your smartphone or Tablet for easy to prevent falling asleep at night.
This application adjusts its color screen to reduce blue light and helps your eyes relax, making it easier for you to sleep.

☆ features

▽ Free Screen App Filter protect your eyes!
In a simple way, you can reduce the strain on your eyes.
A simple but effective!
This program is running, you need to do.

▽ screen, color filters, nature
Refine this application has a natural color, so that you can clearly read the news, e-mail, and web pages.
This program adjusts the colour and brightness of the screen, but does not reduce the blue light that causes strain on your eyes.
This display natural color filter and the night shift on the Smartphone screen.

▽ Easy management
It is easy to turn off or with a single touch.
You can adjust the opacity of the filter.
You can choose between 7 different color filters.

▽ Turn on or off quickly and easily
You can choose to display or hide the icons on the status bar filter make it easy to adjust the settings at any time

▽ Startup Automatically
You can choose to start at the beginning of this filter.

▽ simple application
Adjust the color temperature, it is only after this request, except for setting ‘ t filter and drain the battery. Moreover, besides the memory usage is lower.

▽ Reliable App
This program is registered as an independent organization in Japan, an official developer in developer.