Battery saver Alarm

Battery saver and alarm to help increase your gadget’s battery with a number of tools a simple utility. In the initial screen “battery saver mode” “alarm”, you have two basic functions.

The first option, you continuously, battery charge reaches 15% of the notifications and activating the alarm. This option > low battery level you can change the settings if necessary.

Wi-Fi functionality such as many shortcuts to “off,” off “3 g, Bluetooth off,” “stop sync off,” and “touch response” will reduce the brightness. “You have to disable the ‘ slow and will consume more resources, energy is the energy of the rest of the cell.

Battery saver and think about your actions we know that the alarm is given, the full details are now up
Battery saver and alarm is an application you Android battery consumption to help improve provides some simple tools. You basically caller Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sync, 3 g, etc in the energy consumption of the application features allows you to interfere

In addition, it set a length of remaining battery power alarm to notify you about the equipment to connect the application to expand preventative measures is likely to be, the greater the charger if it is too low.

However, taking into account the Google Play for free by taking large amounts of options a number of other regulatory options does not offer a task due to battery saver alarm bloody and very basic functionality can be found in missing features of any of the automated process.
Remove the “battery charger when fully charged. You can fill in the life of the light energy is saved “.
We are keeping in mind that energy conservation battery, which is a hazardous 100% 100% battery charge will be informed by alarm application is developed.

When you save the phone battery will help to save energy

This notice updates the status of the battery, charging through the home screen widget.

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