App Uninstaller

Secure, clear, easy to uninstall applications on the basic system.

1, is safe, and we can use it safely, and to install, after hundreds of tools and testing may be caused by unstable, but we are all applications manufacturers has been optimized a lot, all of the application back to the top, we can restore them to the filter you want to recycle bin 100% to ensure the it will not be able to protect Yes, automatic uninstall;
2, clear, and we do application, all system as clearly can choose to cancel [Remove] [should], [key module], and classified;
3, easy, we once to uninstall multiple applications in a way, it’s easy to create;

• Secure hiding for core system applications, you can choose to display the settings page.
• Custom you can replay directory settings page.
• The name of the type, size, time of application, the path to
• Custom user [package name] created to show a list [APK path] [install] can be
• Application show details: size, install, package, APK path.
• Open the app
• Search the market
• APK name, name, website, application and search by name
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