Ammachiyude Adukkala

We are proud of, and it’s the best Facebook group is the largest in Malayalam “Ammachiyude Adukkala”, the book presents the application offline cookery.

Malayalam Unicode font 1: this application. Unicode fonts are not supported on your device, you can not
Read correctly. Before installing, check the compatibility of your device

2:-better read, at least update your Android version 4.1, and

3-use your mobile menu button or touch screen “list” and cooking.

4:-increase or reduce the size of fonts, use the menu button on your mobile. Then you can get ”
+ Font size and configuration ”

Note: you Android v 2.3.6 and v 4.1 and complex text rendering the font times good times that Android layout. Comes with Default v 4.2 should not support.

Oven gourmet flavored welcome to magic. A face book group Jaison Jacob, a friend of Sam’s mother looked through November 30, 2011, authentic and traditional dishes RS Ammachiyude Adukkala nostalgic today, 3 million with a goal of sharing power. The duration of the project as well as unconditional love and attention required due to പേക്കൂത്തുകള് reminds us that in mind, the group is bringing the US breakfast and authentic flavors and flavor never will be able to get the ripples. INDU neared, hope, mothers, under Thomas, nijo, Anup children in a short period of time the overwhelming popularity of the makings of group activities, Admin Panel, other members of the team led by saju John strict discipline and George Varghese to unite all groups progress to help support strong neared. Javier Diaz, a young it talents, contribute to the group all the time in the mobile application, website support, data backup for active upload updates.
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