3D Launcher

Next Launcher 3D shell you shows how 3D dynamic effects and home screen replacement app on your Android device, well, light can be said-and to extend the capabilities of the imagination!
You can also upgrade to the full version and a limited trial period for all premium with a 3D journey down the time limit feature, or Launcher. Experience the ultimate and spectacular operations and home screen replacement for this particular Andriod scene join millions of users!

Next Launcher 3D shell testimonials on ■
“The most striking heavy optimization, fluid, launchers seen in Redmond pie here. “-Redmond pie

“A gorgeous app with dynamic effects and 3D elements 3D visual elements, transition effect, and experienced a different and spectacular view and gestures you operation will find enjoyment. ” – . Topapps

Droid-life – “launcher have centralized combinations, devices, crazy 3D effects, additional topics, and a future tron features custom widgets from Google download play with them and no interesting devices, are looking for a large area very wide. ”

Infrastructure ■
-Buttery smooth extremely fancy 3D effects
-Efficient and powerful batch apps management features
-Switching the screen to the top of the stunning 3D animation screen preview
-3D widgets, get the next dev team a special recital 3D Launcher themes and live wallpaper is designed to release
-In order to batch operations select the Android Launcher Home in multiple applications to meet

■ Premium features
-Real 3D Home screen transition effects (Crystal, cloth, folding and more coming soon)
-Its size, angle, styles, change the label through a unique symbol (icon editor) to create the style
-Do you really love all of the same topics in different subjects combine the good parts (theme mix mode)
-(Floating mode) see how cool your phone air space can be thrown and all icons and widgets
-App drawer is available on the home screen and 8 different gestures
-Transition effects to your home screen and shiny and better range
-Up to 7 lines for all your favorite shortcuts